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Update docs and lockfile to zetabot 2.1.0

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zetabot (2.0.9)
zetabot (2.1.0)
......@@ -3,23 +3,31 @@ Cinch IRC bot written with plenty of help. I will not claim any of the plugins
And will try to get the correct credits in source
# Installation
Zeta requires ruby >= 2.5.0 and rubygems. Installation beyond that is simple
Zeta requires ruby >= 2.7.6 and rubygems. Installation beyond that is simple
* gem install zetabot
* zetabot
Zeta will need its config file mounted in the `.zeta/config.rb` image for her to function.
RUN useradd zeta -m
USER zeta
WORKDIR /home/zeta/
RUN mkdir .zeta .zeta/cache .zeta/log && \
gem install zetabot
# Run zeta
CMD [ "zetabot"]
All plugins are automatically loaded that are in the plugins directory
# Upgrade
* git pull
* bundle
* update config files to new examples
* ruby ./migrate.rb
* ruby ./zeta.rb
## Commands
roles: owner,admin,operator,halfop,voice,nobody
prefix: ?
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