Commit 423d8d98 authored by Derecho's avatar Derecho

[vim] Fixed issue with json files and added custom statusline

parent 2f87ba17
......@@ -119,7 +119,19 @@ hi ShowMarksHLl ctermfg=233 ctermbg=59
hi ShowMarksHLu ctermfg=233 ctermbg=59
hi! link SignColumn LineNr
" Don't show EOL symbols when indentguides is used
let indentguides_toggleListMode=0
let g:indentguides_toggleListMode=0
" Don't conceal JSON doublequotes
let g:indentguides_ignorelist = ['json']
" Custom always on statusline
set statusline+=%r " Readonly flag
set statusline+=%m " Modified flag
set statusline+=%f " File path (relative to pwd)
set statusline+=\ %y " Filetype/syntax
set statusline+=%= " Right aligned items from now on
set statusline+=%p%% " Progress through document as a percentage
set statusline+=\ %l, " Current line
set statusline+=%c " Current column
set laststatus=2
"" Extra commands
" Pa - paste buffer to snippt
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